Bio - Kerry McGehee

A lifelong and award-winning photographer, Kerry first began taking pictures with her Kodak Instamatic at age nine. As she matured along with her craft, Kerry graduated to more sophisticated equipment-from the classic Canon AE-1 up to the digital Canon EOS 6D and, currently, to the mirrorless Sony a7R ii that she uses today. To capture many of her most detailed photographs, Kerry uses a Canon 100mm f/2.8 L Macro IS USM Lens, as well as a Zeiss 100mm F2.0 T* ZE Macro Planar Lens, Kenko Extension Tubes and various mag filters as needed. Kerry has a love affair with her collection of old German and Russian lenses, specifically, the Trioplan 100mm f/2.8, and her Rubinar 300mm f/4.5, which give a most artistic feel, while finding beautiful depth of field and creating lush bokeh, especially in her macro work.

Entirely self-taught, Kerry’s background has always had an art and photography component. Her education comprised close study of art history, past masters and contemporary artists. Some of her artistic influences range from distinctive painters such as; Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Chagall, O’Keefe, Hopper, and Maxfield Parrish to brilliant photographers like Eliot Porter, Jay Maisel, and Harold Davis, whom Kerry has studied under. Additionally, the photographer and activist Linda McCartney’s work has been a huge influence on Kerry.

In her first experiences after graduating from college, Kerry worked with both the Terra Museum of America Art and the Circle Fine Art Gallery in Chicago. Her background working on exhibitions and with artists led to other positions with art galleries, and then a long career in advertising, where Kerry did commercial photography for her clients. In fact, her first intro to the then-emerging world of digital photography came after discovering a pioneering Sony Mavica digital camera, which-while the size of a hardcover book, having all of one megapixel resolution, and recording its images onto a 3.5” floppy disk-nonetheless represented the coming future of digital photography. Subsequently, Kerry was able to remain fluent in traditional film photography, while becoming an early adopter of the many advantages offered by digital technologies. In 2001, Kerry moved from her Chicago home to her current home in Northern California. Indeed, she credits the move to beautiful California with providing the unshakable inspiration to share what she is fortunate enough to view each day.

Kerry is deeply attracted to nature’s organic perfection. This attraction has led to her passion for Macro photography. She often trains her lens on the simple things- from everyday wonders in her backyard garden to the awe-inspiring views and landscapes near her present home. She sees the extraordinary where others see the ordinary. Her photos are known for their bright vivid colors and sharp details, drawing her viewers in for an even closer look. As part of her commitment to nature, as it spontaneously occurs, Kerry does not stage her nature images. She enjoys using her digital darkroom, in much the same way as film photographers used their dark room, for cropping or perfecting contrast. She also employs the use of Topaz and Nik’s Color filters, as well as textures, depending on the image. Kerry also enjoys landscape and street photography, focusing on color, detail, shadow, and light. Many of her landscape and nature images have been published in magazines and permanently hang in several public exhibits, including corporate collections, galleries, and private residences.

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