Artist Statement - Kerry McGehee

"Nature is spontaneous and unplanned - my photos surprise even me."


I have done my job as an artist if my photos soothe, and bring happiness, joy, and warmth to your space. I believe nature does all of that, and so much more. No matter the weather - rain, or shine, time of day, there is always beauty to be found in nature. My hope is that the viewer will be reminded there is greatness and beauty in the simplicity of nature. I create photos that call attention to things that most people overlook. These days, most people are so busy and stressed and they may not have the opportunity to just slow down, take a moment and enjoy such beauty. Through my photos, I try and share some of those moments. To me, there is just as much magic and spirituality in a dragonfly’s wing, as can be viewed in a simple reflection of a meadow in a rainy puddle.

Nature is important and crucial to all of our well-beings. It speaks to our souls and nurtures our hearts and minds. I have always loved nature, and I have loved photography since I was a little girl. My desire in my work is to bring those special moments to your attention, forever encapsulating split seconds in time which illuminate the beauty that only nature can provide. Whether it is a stunning vista of ageless trees in a panoramic shot or an extreme close-up of a perfect reflection in a tiny droplet of water, my photos capture the harmony of color and light that creates such beautiful images in the natural world. I hope you enjoy my images. -- Kerry McGehee

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