Artist Statement - Kerry McGehee

"Nature is spontaneous and unplanned - my photos surprise even me."


I have always loved nature, and I have loved photography since I was a little girl. Perhaps I inherited the love of taking pictures from my mother, who, from my earliest memories, was almost always carrying a camera, taking snapshots of all sorts of things.

The simplicity and beauty of nature constantly amaze me. These days, most folks are so busy and stressed it seems like a lot of times people may not have the opportunity to just slow down, take a moment and enjoy that beauty. Through my photos, I try and share some of those moments. To me, there is just as much magic and spirituality in a dragonfly’s wing as can be viewed in a puffy white cloud forming a heart in the sky.

Whether it is a stunning vista of ageless trees in a panoramic shot, or an extreme close-up of a perfect reflection in a tiny droplet of water, my photos capture the harmony of color and light that creates such beautiful images in the natural world. I will spend hours crouched at an uncomfortable angle, or bent backwards or upside down—all to photograph that one moment that serves as a witness to the glorious beauty of nature. I hope you enjoy these images.

-- Kerry Joy McGehee
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